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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

What Happens In Vegas...

I started my photography classes last Tuesday at the University of Utah.
My homework assignment for the last week was all based on Shutter Priority.
There were three parts to the assignment: Freeze moving object, Panning, and Long Exposure.

For the first part, freeze moving object, I went to the park with my sister-in-law and my friend Stephanie. Here's Abby chasing after a bubble.

This would have been the greatest shot ever if I hadn't had my ISO set way to high. It is what made this picture so grainy. I am so bummed!

For the next two parts of the assignment, we went to Las Vegas. What better place to get lights in motion shots than Vegas!

View from the top of the Stratosphere

Long exposure shot in the car driving down

Long Exposure shot -- Tip: Hold very still and don't breathe!

Panning: When you get a moving object in focus and blur background to show motion. I think it was luck that I got this shot with a BMW Z3 in it!

More long exposure -- can you tell this was my favorite part of the assignment?

Long Exposure

I show my teacher my shots tonight. Here's hoping he likes them!


Steph said...

So are all of these taken with your more fabulous camera?

I love the night photography. I'm sure you saw Carin's night at the fair pictures. These are just as fabulous! Seriously, I love them! They're gorgeous! They look like they should be sold in the souvenir shops on postcards. I don't know anything about this, you'll have to teach me your tricks! I love the silk water, I love the one with the palm tree in the middle, you did GREAT!

PartyofFive said...

Okay the park pictures. I just noticed the mom that let her boys come play in the bubbles I was blowing is there in the background without a care in the world. "Glad I could entertain your kids for you... J/K." I am glad you got a few pictures of those bubbles. The bubble maker has been trashed and never to be seen again. It was a cheap birthday gift from an Uncle with a one time use I'm afraid.