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Sunday, November 9, 2008

I Love Knitting! (Almost as much as photography)

I knitted this ruffle scarf and hat for my Abby and just had to get pictures!

 AbsHat-40 AbsHat-7


 AbsHat-147 AbsHat-153

 AbsHat-112 AbsHat-98 AbsHat-49 AbsHat-84-Edit

Always wanting to give credit where credit is due, a HUGE thanks to Scott Jarvie for the amazing Lightroom class he taught for free. What a guy. Without him, my pictures would not look so great!


Denise said...

These are so cute! I love your B&W conversion. What are you using? Is it a Lightroom preset? The series of Abby throwing the leaves is wonderful. That would make a great storyboard. Your PP on the last image is great, don't you love shooting in RAW? Can't wait to pick your brain about the Lightroom class. I'm still so lost and stuck in my old PS Bridge ways. Let's have lunch this week and gab about photography?

Stephanie Jorgensen said...

Oh, Suzanne, I'm so jealous. PLEASE, PLEASE teach me how! The hat and scarf are absolutely adorable. It helps that they're on an absolutely adorable model! Your editing looks amazing! Seriously, you improve with each picture you post. I love some of these pictures. I think they've gotten to the "it's time to make prints" stage. There are some that are SO PRINT worthy!