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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Awesome Location + Awesome Couple - It doesn't get any better!

This is my baby brother Matt and the love of his life, Chalyn. He just turned 26. I remember the days when I used to dress him up in my baby girl clothes! Hey, he was my fourth brother and I was a little disappointed to not get a sister!
 002-MattChalyn 003-MattChalyn
 006-MattChalyn 007-MattChalyn
 018-MattChalyn 013-MattChalyn
 017-MattChalyn 012-MattChalyn
 009-MattChalyn 011-MattChalyn

Happy Birthday Matthew. Love you tonz.
Big Sis


Kaylyn said...

I love these pictures. Where were you? The graffiti is so fun, and bright!

Andrea said...

Love these!! I can't wait to do some pics out there too. I have seen this spot a few other times, but yours are my fav. Love the last one- gorgeous!

Jeanette said...

I love these pictures! So fun! I love the location- it's so fabulous! Thanks for sharing

Sara said...

I have the same shoes as his girlfriend:)

Love your photos!

Cascio Photography said...

I absolutely love these!!!! Lucky little brother if you ask me! ;) They are such a fun couple and you captured them perfectly!! Love the colors!! You have to take me there sometime!!!

Jeremy Stowell said...

Nice series!! I really LOVE the one walking down the road! Awesome as usual. :)

Matt & Chalyn Reed said...

Thank you so much for taking these pictures. I just wish that we knew that you had this talent five years ago so you could have taken our engagement pictures.