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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The "M" Family Lookie Loo

My friend FINALLY got a camera and had her first shoot tonight of her sister and family. She let me tag along for moral support and I took a few myself. Thanks for letting me come Sarah, even though you crossed over to the dark side and became a Cannonite I still love you!!!

 Dec10-34 Dec10-35

Is this kid gorgeous or what?




 Dec10-43 Dec10-67


Here's one of Sarah's adorable baby -- I just wanted to squeeze her she was so dang cute!

Want to see more? Here's the entire GALLERY


Anonymous said...

Well you already know how I feel about these... but I'll tell ya again. I just love them. Thanks for coming yesterday! I really appreciated the support.

Mamu Lou said...

Suzanne- Thanks SO much for coming out in the freezing cold to help Sarah take our pictures. They turned out wonderful!! I am so excited to get some of these hung up in my house when we return to TN. THANK YOU!!!!

Mamu Lou said...

Suzanne- Any chance I could get you to email me a couple of these photos so I can get them made into Christmas cards? Let me know- you can email me through my blog. Thanks!!