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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Temple Square

I asked a fellow photographer I respect and admire, David Terry, if he would do a training shoot with me. We went to temple square last Thursday and I learned soooo much. My good friend Scott came too and we all had a blast! By the way, this is the night when the video was made when David tricked me (see post below this one)! Here are my favs. I have to say I am really happy with them!

David taught me the "star effect" for lights. You can achieve the same effect with a filter, but that would be cheating! Besides, it is much more rewarding to do it IN camera.

The nativity in the middle of the reflection pool is my favorite EVER. It is breathtaking. You have to see it in person if you haven't already!

The out of focus lights in this picture is called "bokeh" It's my new favorite word!!
(Besides Broccoli!)

If you want to see more, including pictures of David and Scott, here they are: Temple Square

Thank you David and Scott for taking the time to teach me. You guys are the best.

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