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Monday, December 22, 2008

Meet The Friend I've Had Longer Than Anyone

This is my amazing friend I have known since I was 2 years old! She has a sweet husband and 3 beautiful boys and is prego with baby #4! I know what the sex is but I'm not telling since they are announcing it in their Cmas card. You all will just have to wait!!! I should post the pictures I have of her and I when we were little with our matching bangs. She had hers cut so of course I had to do it too! Love you Tricia (and David and boys!).

Just a side note, this was my first attempt at doing a shoot in the snow. The results weren't close to being as good as I hoped and it's not my best stuff, but I learned a lot and hopefully will be better next time. Thanks Tricia for being my guinea pig and letting me practice on your family.

Alright, from the comments I am getting these are better than I thought! You all didn't see the originals or the couple hundred rejects though and that is what I was basing my opinion on. Good thing I am getting good at this editing thing!!!










Flash Jorgensen said...

First of all, WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? They turned out GREAT!!!! I think the first picture is a FABULOUS family picture. Seriously, I think you're up in the night if you think these are not some of your best, or that you need work. Come on, really, they are so good. The close ups of the boys are all adorable.

David Terry said...

Whatdya mean this isn't your best stuff.... These look G-R-E-A-T !!!

David Terry said...

Haha... I just noticed that Steph said basically the same thing! So there. Take that. We both agree, these look great!

Cascio Photography said...

Shooting in the snow is SOOO hard, but you are soooo better at it then me! Love em... and I can't wait for mine :)

BJHBHBB said...

Hey! I thought I was the friend you've had for the longest!!! ha ha. I can't wait until we come visit in Aug. and take our family pics with you. It seems too far away! Want to come to TX? Sounds like you're WAAAAY too busy!!! You are amazing in every way Suz. I love looking at your blog- it is so creative and you really capture the best in people. Be thinking of a good summer location for my crazy family of 7!! Can't wait!