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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Mentor and Friend

When I started doing photography a year ago I met several photographers that I really looked up to and admired their work. Scott Myler is one of those photographers and continues to be one. In my opinion his creative lighting work is unmatched. You... can imagine my surprise when he asked me to take some pictures of him since it was about time he updated his profile picture on Facebook. To me, there is no greater honor than to have a mentor photographer ask me to take pictures of them. Thank you Scott. Here are a few of my favs that I took during the shoot.


Object-Oriented Sammy said...

Handsome man; and great shots!

Andrea said...

Suzanne these are so great! I didn't think your pictures could get better but you are right, the new camera has made a difference. I love that you shot all of these WIDE open!! Nice job!

Scott said...

Suzanne, I'm blushing here! Thank you so much for the kind words and for the amazing job you did on my pictures!!! I really appreciate our friendship and the opportunity to share a couple of things I've learned about photography with you.

You're a great friend and a great photographer! Keep up the amazing work!


jarvie said...

Did he shave half way through??

Lookin good scott!!