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Monday, September 7, 2009

Second Chances

Today marks exactly one year since I bought my D300 and entered this wonderfully amazing world of photography. I had two goals for my one year mark. One, to have the D700 and two, to have a website up. Well, I bought the D700 last week, and I am working around the clock to get my website finished! It should be done by the end of this week.

For everyone wanting to see what my new baby can do, here is my first shoot with her. My D300 was named "The Beast" since my hubby called us beauty and the beast. Now it's time to name my D700. Right now I can't decide between "Belle" to go with "The Beast" or my hubby's pick of "Roxy". Any thoughts? Can you think of a better one?

I named this post "Second Chances" for this engagement shoot I just did. Life can be unfair and full of heartache but sometimes something wonderful happens and two completely amazing people are given a second chance. These two are so in love and deserve all the happiness they have. They feel like family to me now and I can't wait to shoot their wedding in three weeks.


Andrea said...

Roxy kicks A**!!! Umm I like Roxy if you didn't guess :) These are so beautiful Suzanne. It's like you're not even there they look so comfortable and natural. Love the last one for sure!

Andrea said...

oh- PS...Happy Anniversary!!

Kellee Smith said...

I love everything about these. The even light, the beautiful and natural color. The posing, and the candid moments. They are beautiful and you did it all so well. I enjoyed looking at your work!