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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

BOUNTIFUL Temple Wedding

Glad I finally made it to the right location! Here are the pics. I asked a great friend of mine, David Terry, if I could follow him on a wedding. I love weddings. Everything is beautiful, everyone is happy.


I love the look on Dad's face in this one!


This was everyone's reaction to when the bride threw her bouquet off of the balcony. Where is the bouquet you ask? Look at the next picture.

See the flowers in the chandelier? Too funny huh?

And now for some bloopers!!!

These were groomsman. They kept being funny for the camera so I kept taking the pictures!

Yes, I caught the groom on his cell phone THREE times. On his wedding day!!


Aria Bethards said...

you did a great job! the bride and groom are going to love these. I love how the photos have such a nice variety of edits/actions. Some are super saturated, some glowy, some with a vintage wash, etc. There's one look that I really like...for example, the third image down of the couple cuddling and looking down. It's like a wash of some you use actions or anything? I'd love to learn how to edit like these images.

Scott Smith said...

Great photos, I like that you included the bloopers.

Oakstream Photography said...

Oh I love these!!!! You do really awesome work. Very impressive.

Love the blooper it when people can have FUN!!!!!!!

I'm gonna save your blog...I like your stuff so it's worth coming back to :-)

Corey Luke said...

Great Job! You and Dave did an awesome service for this young couple.