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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Welcome Home

It's always good to be home from vacation, for the first 5 minutes that is! Then life gets back to normal and you have to play catch up for the next several days. No wonder most people need a vacation from their vacation! We had a blast though. Here are some highlights from the trip.

We did pics on the beach our last day there with my friend Steph and I will post those later!





 007-Cali 008-Cali

My friend Steph was in Cali too so we hung out at Disneyland on one of the days. These are her little ones.



Abby picked flowers EVERYWHERE we went! She loves them.

Look at how star struck they are to meet princess Ariel!


 019-Cali 018-Cali
We brought my niece with us to help with the kids. Isn't she gorgeous?

 020-Cali 021-Cali



Flash Jorgensen said...

I think we need to plan a trip together EVERY year! It was so fun to see you guys there and Sky was so happy to have her best bud, Abby around again! She made her a flag at school today and it said, To Abe.

Andrea said...

What a fun trip. I love trips with friends. We were in California at the same time too...and then came back to this white crap. Yuck! Great pics in the water. I am excited to see the beach pics :)

Jeremy said...

Wonderful photos... you definitely have a talent for capturing and making great portraits.

Aria Bethards said...

What a gorgeous and sweet photo of the daddy-daughter sunset pic on top! And I love all the pool pictures. I can't get over that you just started getting into photography a year and a half ago! Look how professional you are already!

Cascio Photography said...

I am in love with the first one!! I bet your kids are going to treasure these memories forever!! I can't wait til all of my kids are old enough to go the Happiest Place on Earth!! :) I can't wait to see all the rest of them!

Suzanne said...

Aria - I've only been doing photography since this past September so it's only been 6 months! Thanks for the compliment.