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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Scott Jarvie

This is my friend and mentor Scott. He has helped me so much with photography since I met him last October. If it weren't for him, my editing would be non-existent since he is the one who has taught me all I know about Lightroom.

We both did some experimenting with external flash and loved the results. Since I took them with his camera he did the editing for me. What a guy. Seriously, he is like a brother to me and all you single ladies, he is single!
 481729706_Cdxzj-O-1 481729858_2BUzN-O-1

 481730029_6RQWF-O-1 481730353_CWeQm-O-1

Here are a couple he took of me...



 017_7S28483 015_7S28480


Jeremy said...

Wow... these are all so great!
Were you guys using a reflector or flash?

I love the sunburst too... very nice!

Hey, thanks for coming by my blog btw... I can't remember which team won... I think it was 4.

Take care,

LookieLooSuz said...

Thanks Jeremy! We had a flash on camera left and a reflector on camera right.

Jarvie said...

Hey that's me!!

BTW i'd like to reiterate the last words that Suzanne said ;)

But really Suzanne you're awesome.
Thanks for being a great big sister.

Cascio Photography said...

I can't wait to meet this guy!! Not to mention take his lightroom class finally at Photocamp!! And you of course are blessed with talent behind AND in front of camera... if I didn't love ya I would probably hate it! JK Awesome shots!! And I love the edginess (real word?) of the location!

Ritchie's Beautiful Life said...

The location blogs are great! They give variety for options and the pics are amazing. i can't wait to have a photo shoot with the now master photographer! Schedule me in girl!