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Monday, March 9, 2009

I Am Officially A Wedding Photographer

I did it! I did what I swore I would NEVER do! A wedding. I actually liked it so much I have decided to add it to my list of photo shoots. The only reason I am doing it is my amazing friend Steph from Flash Jorgensen has agreed to be my partner and do them with me. This way, our clients get two photographers and we get to have a blast together!

This last Saturday Scott Jarvie let us tag along on one of his weddings at the Ogden LDS temple. We started out really nervous but got in the groove really quickly and had a blast! As always, here are a TON of pictures from the day. I am not too good at narrowing things down am I!

Here is Steph, my partner!

Here is Scott - THE man.

Temple Pictures

The Reception


Cascio Photography said...

I love them!! I am so excited that you have crossed over to weddings!! I am sure you and Steph will make a killer team and the couples that get you girls are super lucky!!! Heck, if there were any way I could fit into my dress after 3 kids (or when pigs fly, which ever comes first)... I would hire ya!! haha

Andrea said...

How fun! I am glad you can't narrow down because I love seeing them all. You did amazing! What a lucky couple to have three awesome photographers at their wedding :)

Flash Jorgensen said...

So uh, yeah... you TOTALLY ROCKED the wedding! I have to tell you my faves though have to be side by side, them sitting on the ledge (they look like they're so into each other and comfortable) and the other next to it with the focus on the water spraying from the fountain. AWESOME, AWESOME!!! It was fun and I'm excited to team up with you and do weddings! You should have posted the one of me about to lick the cupcake though... shows how much fun we were having!

ZiggyP said...

Nice job. Love the capture of the Shoes!! Found another one with PERSONALITY! Just bummed the team went to O'town and I didn't know you were passing by.

Pat Wright said...

Wonderful Job and congrats on going to Weddings. That is one I have also said I will not do so I commend you for taking it on. :) Loved the shoe and flower one that was a great angle and shot.

Leavitt Family said...

I really love the photo with the water spraying and the couple in the CREATIVE! Thanks for all the inspiring images.

PS I think I also need to thank you for your blog because this is where I found out about the photocamp utah all day event which I am so excited for. So THANKS a BAZILLION!

Jarvie said...

Great job Suzanne... I'm excited to start referring people to you two!

Oh... and which one is my favorite?
Probably the second one... haha... you know i couldn't resist ;)

Malisa said...

They are so, so beautiful Suzanne! You'd be one of those I compare myself too - THANKS A LOT!

SARAH said...

Sooooo good! I wanna get into wedding photography too, I am doing a couple this summer (for cheap-mainly for practise). Lovely pics, well done!!