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Monday, October 20, 2008

Briggs, Reagan, Roman

I got to do a photo shoot with my hubby's niece and nephews. They are great kids and were so great for the shoot. Now if only auntie Sue could figure out how to get all 3 in focus! I feel like I can do the individual shots good but when it comes to groups it is so hit and miss. By the way, I would like anyone to find prettier eyes than Ryan's niece Reagan. Those eyes are amazing.

Wow Look at those Eyes!

Briggs' good friend Kerris came too and boy was he photogenic!
Briggs' friend Kerris

Here are the group shots that are okay, but I am frustrated at how out of focus they are. I will get this right if it kills me!
All 3
All 3


PartyofFive said...

I think all of these are AMAZING! I don't know what you're talking about being discouraged and all. These are all SO GREAT! Mt fave is the second one down on the red crate thingys. I love the color and the lines!!!! So bright and great light coming in from the left. You did awesome, you should be proud of yourself!!!

Malisa said...

The last one is such a great pose!

Jarvie said...

Seriously I am execisivly jealous looking at all these amazing pictures!
I've seen a couple pictures in my life and a few photography websites.

I put my stamp (for the little it's worth) on this!
This is money!!