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Monday, October 27, 2008

Easton and Zach

I got permission from my friend to post these photos of her adorable boys. Easton with his curly locks and Zach who is a little too smart for his age! He was reading all the signs as we walked around. Don't tell my husband, he'll wonder why my Abby can't read yet!


Anonymous said...

These turned out soooo good! Are these edited in photoshop or just what you have been using. I love them... all of them! I would love for you to show me some of the things you did. Thanks for getting me the pictures tonight. I love your camera!!!

Flash Jorgensen said...

They look great! I love the b/w's and the one of him running away the color is SO GREAT!!!! You used the Lightroom presets eh? I have used some too ( a few pictures on flickr were done with those presets). I wonder how different Lightroom 2 is from my 1.1. There are always changes/upgrades. I want to see yours! But, yeah you can set your own presets in lightroom really easily if you find you're doing the same editing to all of the pictures you can just set that as a preset so you only have to press one button. It's cool that way. Your images get better with every post... SERIOUSLY!