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Thursday, October 16, 2008

First Family Shoot

Tonight was my first ever family photo shoot. Many thanks to my brother's family for letting me use them as guinea pigs. Sorry there are so many. I am so new at this that I wanted to post all my favs to see what you all think and what your favs are.
Reed Fam FieldReed Fam RiverReed Fam BridgePicture PaintingFather & SonHugs For SisterShe'll Grow Into It SomedayStick That Booty Out!Playing with colorsIf Only They Could Stay Little...Kelly Belly
Once agian, no real editing, just playing with the color. Soon I will be able to smooth blemishes and make dirty sweaters look clean! I may even try moving heads around!


Flash Jorgensen said...

My favorite is by the RED bridge. Love how the bridge goes into the corner rather than making it straight from side to side. Makes the picture more interesting. I also like how the little boy has his arms folded (sorry my mind just went blank. I do know his name, I'm typing this on 2 hours of sleep. This message might sound jibberish) rather than just at his side or doing a stupid pose with them. Does your camera have a setting A1 focus. My camera has an AF mode and there are three settings. Is yours on A1 focus or ONE SHOT. It makes a big difference in capturing little ones when their moving just a bit (like the boot on the family picture by the tree). I also love the one with the little boy (forgive me again) hugging his sister. His eyes are amazing!!!! Cute outfits, cute boots and hat! The colors look great. You did great! Can't wait for MY session with you! You had some great ideas. I think the hat over the eyes is a cute one! Fun!

Malisa said...

I too like the red bridge one (and the individuals of the kids). I would like to sign my family up as your guinea pigs.

Nat said...

Nubie? Your pics are FAB!! My family will be guniea pigs for you any time.