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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Before She Says, "I Do"

I promise I am doing a post soon to answer questions I have been getting lately about my new lenses. I was so excited about these pictures I just had to post them right away though!

I did my first bridal shoot today and absolutely loved the model. I got lucky to get such a gorgeous girl who loved being in front of the camera for my first! These should give you an idea how much my new 85mm 1.4 ROCKS! It's my new favorite lens.

The above picture is the cropped version of the below picture and it is still super clear!



 Chelsey-4 Chelsey-3

 Chelsey-6 Chelsey-7

 Chelsey-22 Chelsey-24

 Chelsey-21 Chelsey-23

 Chelsey-9 Chelsey-11

 Chelsey-13 Chelsey-12

What, we can't have a little fun?
 Chelsey-20 Chelsey-8

 Chelsey-10 Chelsey-16




Andrea said...

You did great! Of course- I knew you would. I love #3 and the black and white one. She is beautiful!

Cascio Photography said...

I've said it before and I will say it a thousand times... I LOVE THESE PICTURES!!! I am soooooooo happy you came with me and they turned out so freakin' gorgeous!!! My sis is going to LOVE Them too, I am sure of it!! Thanks for everything!!! :)

Pat Wright said...

Great shots, Really like the third one with her standing alone great overall color on this one. All look very sharp and clear. Great job.

Stephanie Jorgensen said...

I think you've just gone from good to GREAT! You've moved to a whole new level of greatness!!! These are fabulous, SO creative, SOOOOO amazing, SOOO just WOW!!!!! I love the style with the lipstick and sunglasses. They just flat out ROCK!!! Way to go Suzanne!!!! You're awesome!

Ritchie's Beautiful Life said...

I love the editing. Especially how in the close ups you've brightened it all and the lips and eyes just pop. Sweet. I want a pic of me like that!

Rhett Olson said...

Beautiful photos. We were just leaving the red warehouse when you started shooting.

The Eresuma Family said...

Wow! These are fabulous! My favorite is your new header at the top! BTW this is Andrea's sisterinlaw Cheryl I met you at the photowalk at Cactus and Tropicals! So amazing what you have accomplished since getting your camera in September!

The Veale's said...

Those are such nice photo's. I love all of them!

The Stevens said...

I love her! She is such a great model! And one of the nicest girls ever.

You did such an amazing job capturing her personality. these pics are really incredible.