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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

LookieLoo (Not So) Secrets Revealed!!!!

I have received several comments and emails asking me how I do my indoor studio shoots so here it is! I have a large family room in my basement that I use to set up my studio. It has western facing windows so it gets plenty of light
I got some laminate wood flooring that I just piece together and put on the ground since I prefer the dark wood over the light that I have in the room.
I then went to Reuels (an art supply store) and bought their largest size foam board in black and in white (it was about $60 for both). I was able to fit both in my Honda Pilot and they stretched from over my head driving to all the way in the back so make sure you have a big car or truck to bring them home!
You could use any tall object like bar stools or a clothes rack (I use both to be sure it is sturdy and won't fall over on little ones running around!!) to prop up the board.
If I don't want the black or white background, I just take fabric and drape it over the board to add a different color or texture. I also will use this cuddlesac footrest as a cushion for kids to sit or lay on. I also have chairs and other props I use as well.
This shows how far away from the window my set up is. Any western or northern facing window will work. If you don't have this large of a space, you can buy smaller sizes of the foam board to use for close-up shots.

Once you have this simple, cheep set, this is what you get. I took these of my son really quick to show you the unedited and edited pictures so you can see that the lighting is perfect.

Well, there you have it! That is all I do and I get great results. I find the best time to shoot is around noon to 2pm, but I have done shoots as early as 9:30 in the morning and still had amazing light. If you want to see more examples of pictures I have got using this set-up, here is a link to see more: Indoor studio shoots

If you have any more questions, feel free to ask!


Jeremy Stowell said...

AWESOME!!!! Thanks for the inside scoop! That was a fun to see your setup. I really like the fabric backgrounds that you are getting they look great in your pics. I will have to take a shot of my setup sometime now that I have a little studio.

Val said...

Thank you so much for the secret hints. My husband and I just bought a Nikon D40 and are loving it! Our pics are turning out great and once we learn to edit better, I am sure they will be better. Nothing compared to yours, you are so talented. We absolutely love Logan's pics and are so grateful for you willingness to do them. I tell people about you all the time. Hopefully you'll get some referrals soon. Thanks again!!!

Mickelle Marston Wyatt said...

Hi Suzanne. I have been followimg your blog for months, this is my first time posting. I adore your composition and edits. I think your work is fresh and inspiring! Thanks for sharing.

David Terry said...

Awesome post. Thanks for sharing. :)

Jake Spurlock said...

Looks great, love the soft light that windows create.

Renée said...

I enjoy checking out your blog and love the input.I have a much smaller version in my home.Was wondering though, what editing did you do on the first shot of your son?Great work.

Cascio Photography said...

Now that I see your set up I just might be able to pull this off :) I have a balcony window that I usually use for newborns, but I love that you can change your background so easily! I really love the wood floor idea too! I have left over stuff from doing our kitchen so I could totally use that!! Thanks for all your willingness to share! I can't wait to come down there next week! :)

Andrea said...

You are so awesome to share that. I sort of knew from what Steph told me but that was fun to see. I have been working on getting something together for indoor as well...I hope mine will work like yours. I swear you and Steph should do an editing class...I will be the first to sign up!