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Sunday, February 15, 2009

My first maternity shoot and she was a Bitch.

Meet Roxy and Rumba. They are Havanese breed which comes from Cuba. I now LOVE shooting dogs!!

This is one of my favorites. Roxie is on her back showing her pregnant belly and Rumba, the proud papa, has his head resting on her belly like he is trying to feel them move. I know he isn't, but it is funny how I got this shot which is a typical maternity pose and it we weren't even trying to pose them that way!!

 R&R-3 R&R-2


 R&R-10 R&R-7
Roxie Dancing for her mommy and showing off her prego belly!
 R&R-6 R&R-8


Roxie due March 5th and since she is a teenage mom, she is putting the babies up for adoption!

Could it be more obvious how much fun I have had doing this?

I have posted three shoots from this weekend so be sure to check them out!


Flash Jorgensen said...

How fun are those? I love them! I love them both in the basket! They're adorable!

Cascio Photography said...

I think i about fell of my chair with just the title!! haha I love these! Precious moments... puppy style!! Only you! :)