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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

LookieLoo -- "L&C"

I love little girls, but I have to say that little boys are my favorite! I grew up with 4 brothers so I feel more comfortable around boys and get along with them great. I almost did not give back this little baby. He loved me and kept smiling at me. Oh if only the little babies loved me as much as he did! He must have either been a good judge of character or thought I looked funny!!!

You know you want to take him home too - admit it.
 LCW-15 LCW-14




 LCW-9 LCW-5
As you can see, his older brother is a cutie too.
 LCW-3 LCW-1




So sad these little guys live in another state. If they were here, I would be taking their pictures every week!
By the way, thanks Steph for letting me in on this shoot. It's always a blast to shoot with you.


Jake, Amy and Luke said...

LOVE THEM! Thank you so much Suzanne!! You and Steph did an amazing job!!! Such talented girls!

Cascio Photography said...

WOW!! I love these little boys too! You really captured some great smiles and personality here!! As always you did a perfect job :)