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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I LOVE Park City

I love Park City, Utah for so many reasons. Most people love it for the fabulous skiing in the winter. I love it in the summer. It's such a cool little town and there are thousands of picture perfect locations. My family and I walked down 2 blocks of Main St. and got this many different looks!
 015-PC 009-PC
 010-PC 011-PC
Yeah, my girl is pouting in every picture! I think she does the pouty face better than smiling! I love the variety so I just let her do whatever she was in the mood to do.
At least she was in the mood to smile for this next one and I LOVE her cute little feet!
 007-PC 005-PC
 001-PC-3 012-PC
I never have and never will be against a little bribery! It goes a looooong way with the little ones!
This is my favorite shot from the day. I love the look on her face and the dark reds and lines behind her. Of course my girls new Matilda Jane outfits make the pictures too. These clothes photograph so amazingly!

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The Veale's said...

I love all of your picture and love the creativity in all of them.