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Friday, January 23, 2009

Babysitting Surprise

I got to babysit my niece today while my sister in law had carpal tunnel surgery. Of course I took full advantage of it and got her dressed up and took pictures!! My sister doesn't even know I did this so this is going to be a surprise for her! Something tells me I may get asked to babysit a lot more!
 LLMikell-1 LLMikell-2

 LLMikell-5 LLMikell-4





Love you Kelly Belly.


travisrichardson said...

Wow those eyes are amazing. I wish my son was willing to pose like girls are.

Jeremy Stowell said...

What are you using for lighting? I know you said you had some good windows, is all this lighting just natural light? Or are you using some strobes or reflectors?

Anonymous said...

Holy cow! I love all those pictures. Wow, her eyes are gorgeous. Love them!

Holly said...

These pictures are darling. She kind of looks like abby. SOOOOO Cute! P.S. Do you want to babysit for me. Just kidding.

Suzanne said...

Jeremy, this is all natural light from western facing windows. No flash or reflectors at all. I had my ISO up a little so I could get a better exposure but it's still pretty clear. I shot these around 9:30am and I just did some of my daughter from 1-2 pm and the lighting was just as good.

Flash Jorgensen said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these of her! Honestly, so freaking adorable. I love this background, I love her outfit, I love her gorgeous blue eyes, I love her adorable expressions! Seriously, so stinkin' cute!!! She's a little doll! You did an amazing job on these!

Flash Jorgensen said...

Oh and the expression she's got riding on the lamb... I think is my fav and you should enter her in the Regis and Kelly cutest baby contest!!!

Malisa said...

Suzanne, your pictures are amazing. I am so jealous! I just wish I could do that too. Someday, maybe!

Babysit for me sometime? :)

Cascio Photography said...

Oh wow!!! Okay I officially love your basement!! the lighting on her is perfect!! Great job! Lucky mommy that gets you to watch her kids :) #5 is my favorite, although they are all so good it was hard to decide!