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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Those Who Know Me Best Know That Sometimes I Can Be An Airhead

It's true, I can really be an airhead. I think my mom passed her blonde genes on to me even though I got my dad's dark hair! I did a photo shoot of my brother's family a couple weeks ago. There were two parts to the shoot since they let me take their pics in the morning and then late afternoon to see when the best lighting was. I totally forgot about the late afternoon pics and just left them all alone in a folder. Well, I just found them and I know my sister in law wants to see them so here are a couple of favs. Yes, I admit I am an airhead.



I have to say why I love the above picture so much. In all of my family pictures growing up there was one constant. I was the only girl and had to pose and smile perfectly for every picture. My four brothers on the other hand were a different story! They could never be serious or take a picture without at least one of them making a face. Well, as you can see, it looks like it runs in the family!


Sherilyn said...

Cute! I really like the ones of me and Jon and the one of all together smiling. Thanks for doing that!

Flash Jorgensen said...

The first one, awesome! Sherilyn you look sexy!

The second, family one, ADORABLE! Cute scrunchiness!

The third and the fourth, I'm sorry, I first thought they were holding each other up rather than sitting on the cement block. I like the second of the two with Sherilyn looking over her back.

The last two of the kids... I LOVE them! They are such beautiful kids, look great in pictures, have adorable smiles and gorgeous blue eyes. SO CUTE!

Suzanne said...

I had to show what my mom said about this:

"Uh - thanks for the "compliment"? Oh - and what is this "dumb blonde" genes statement? My genes aren't blonde - they're denim!
Love, Mom"

Jodie said...

I love all of these of sherilyn and her family. they are what turned me on to your site in the first place...lov e'em!