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Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Best Things In Life Are Free (As long as you are family!)

Meet my bigger little brother, Mike and his model wife Annie. I have been dying to take their pictures (for free!) since they are so fun in front of the camera! I know there are a LOT of pictures but I know and love these guys too much to narrow it down any more. Each picture says so much about them!

 20090115-LLMA-143 20090115-LLMA-268

 20090115-LLMA-36 20090115-LLMA-56

 20090115-LLMA-62 20090115-LLMA-423


 20090115-LLMA-371 20090115-LLMA-385


 20090115-LLMA-198 20090115-LLMA-220

 20090115-LLMA-171 20090115-LLMA-151



 20090115-LLMA-116 20090115-LLMA-310





I love you guys. Thank you for being so wonderful in every way.


mike and annie reed said...

Suzanne, Thank you soooooooo much. These are amazing. Every one of them. I can't even decide which is my favorite. You are so good at this and at everything you do. You are amazing in every single way. Thank you!!!
We love you!!!

Andrea said...

WOW!! I see why you couldn't narrow them down. Love the last one, very romantic. You are a great photographer!!

Cascio Photography said...

HOTT!!! Oh my!! You totally rocked this shoot!!!! The first one is SOOO good... actually the whole session looks killer!! When I am done being preggo and like 30 pounds thinner... this is what we will do k!

Flash Jorgensen said...

My favorite is the muscle picture! Classic! Seriously, I cracked up when I saw that. You captured that one perfectly!