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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Lookie Loo -- "S" kids

I LOVE BABIES!!! I am starting to get baby hungry after today (shhhhh don't tell my husband!) These three kids are beautiful. I shot their cousins a couple of weeks ago and see it runs in the family! I had to edit these really fast since we are meeting family for dinner so they may not be perfect!

This was shoot #2 for today, took pics at the Utah gymnastics meet last night (those will be posted another day) and I still have one more tomorrow. This is my idea of a great weekend!!


I just love that little tongue!


 20090110-KStucki-322 20090110-KStucki-319

I told mom she has the most gorgeous lips I have ever seen on a woman! They are aren't they?

There is no safer place than in daddy's arms.


 20090110-KStucki-45 20090110-KStucki-55

 20090110-KStucki-58 20090110-KStucki-127



Flash Jorgensen said...

Okay my FAV, FAV, FAV picture is of mom and baby! SIMPLY STUNNING! Of course you ended up getting the best picture A-GAIN! You did a great job!!!!

Cascio Photography said...

I agree... the mommy/baby picture is so tender and perfection! I also love the first one! I forgot to tell you today that I have GOT to have those raps of yours, they are perfect for swaddling newborns :)