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Friday, January 16, 2009

I Have Four Brothers and No Sisters... I am so glad my brothers married such amazing women who have become as close as any sister could have ever been! This is my older brother and his family. You may recognize them since they were the first family I ever shot. I begged them to give me another chance since I have grown since then and I think they are glad they did!



 20090115-LLJS-102 20090115-LLJS-100

 20090115-LLJS-198 20090115-LLJS-256




 20090115-LLJS-436 20090115-LLJS-455



I love taking pictures of family. I know them so well I feel I can capture them better than anyone else could. Not to forget the blast I have doing it as well! So many pictures are blurry because I am laughing so hard!


Sherilyn said...

Great editing! You did a really great job and I am glad to be the recipient of your amazing talent! I love them all. Don't get frustrated. I'm sure you make all your fellow photographers frustrated because you are so good! Keep rockin it. You were born to do this.

Flash Jorgensen said...

Ditto! I agree with Sherilyn. These are gorgeous! You are amazing at what you do! Just look at these, awesome photos! What a gorgeous little family!

Cascio Photography said...

I meant to comment on these the other day and then got busy... so I am back! I am in love with the first one of the family! Perfect composition!! And the last two are amazing of those two cuties! You just keep getting better and better!!!