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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Brother is a Best Friend Given By God

I shot this family this past weekend and it got too cold to do pictures of their boys together so we shot them today instead. They both have naturally curly hair and the most gorgeous eyes. I already have prearranged with their mom for them marry my two daughters so sorry but they are taken!

 20090113-LLEnce-437 20090113-LLEnce-438


 20090113-LLEnce-486 20090113-LLEnce-546



 20090113-LLEnce-500 20090113-LLEnce-491



Jarvie said...

I love that it looks like we're looking at the interactions of their life. What it's really like for them as brothers.
Looks like you really documented their love and their playing around and stuff.
You got them at their happy moments.
And you also go great portraits in there to show them in their other light.

I also like the red chairs and the location. It's not flashy but it works great. After all it's about them.

Natallee said...

I LOVE them- that is all I can say- I love them ALL! I love everything about them!! thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Flash Jorgensen said...

BEAUTIFUL LIGHTING! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the interactions between the boys. They seem so happy and like they truly enjoy each other. They seem like they are best friends!!! Beautiful crisp images! I don't have a favorite this time cause they are all THAT good!

Cascio Photography said...

Let's just say I burnt my last batch of cookies because of these pictures :) I was so in love with each and everyone one of them I forgot what I was doing!! These are so perfect! Everything about them!! I just wish my kids were this happy together when a camera is present... dream dream!! haha FANTASTIC JOB!!