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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Lookie Loo -- Cascio Family

I met this photographer a couple of weeks ago and we became instant friends. She asked if I would do her family pictures and when I saw the location she wanted to do them, I couldn't say no! It was so cold and her kids didn't like it too much but they were little troopers anyway.

Mom said it would be a miracle if I got her daughter smiling. So does this mean I am a miracle worker?
I think this picture is so HOT! There is so much passion between them you'd think this was an engagement shot
and not a couple with 2 kids and one on the way!!

"I know it may not look like much now but someday it will be our dream home hunny!"
(Sorry, had to add what I was thinking when I saw this picture!)


 20090111-Cascio-138 20090111-Cascio-76

 20090111-Cascio-126 20090111-Cascio-132




This is Brittany from Cascio Photography. Thanks for the shoot today -- this was my most fun shoot yet.


David Terry said...

Nice work Suzanne! I had the pleasure of having Bryan and Brittany at my house last week. What a fun couple. You certainly captured their personality in your images.

Cascio Photography said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM... did I mention that I love them!? And yeah Miracle worker for sure!!! A smile from Riley! You can now consider yourself a pro just for that! I love the one of my boys, love the artsy one with the rafters, love the ones of Brayden and GASP even the one of me! GO figure! Great job my friend!

Flash Jorgensen said...

I'm next, I'm next. I've got to have you take our family pictures. I'm so jealous of all these other families that have these amazing pictures you took of them. You're awesome and I LOVE the first one. You know how much I love candid shots and that is one great candid! I LOVE the bw of the little boy. His bright gorgeous eyes looking straight at you. And my other fav has to be of the little boy on dads shoulders. His little head leaning down on his daddy is perfect! SO GREAT! Suzanne, you do amazing work!

The Stevens said...

these are incredible! The composition is perfect.
I cant even pick a favorite one. I love them all.. !!!!!
You are a miracle worker getting her little girl to smile.

Natallee said...

Beautiful!! I LOVE the location!!